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SHALJON offers quality solutions for BTS set up & Commissioning and Micro ware set up & Commissioning.
BTS Installation & Commissioning, BTS Installation actions are performed according to website particular set up plan and includes:

»Installation and cancellations of stereo bird bird feeder wires, antennas and grounding packages
»Installation of BTS (or expansion rack), plug-in models and all inner wires
»Installation of transmitting wire, energy wire and energy system, Grounding wire and alert wire for BTS
»Load BTS application and set up required factors parameters


We support in the integration according to Telecom Equipment manufacturer integration procedures and quality documentation. Integration is directed to:

Assimilate the BTS to Platform Place Manager (BSC)
General checkup of software package.

»Test demands every time port
»Test exterior alarm systems and do any other required assessments by the Manager
»Realignment of antennas during optimization


In order for interaction between the BTS and the BSC, there is a need for Microwave (MW) Set ups as a transmission method. Following actions are performed by us to apply microwaves: 

»Set up of MW aerial and outdoor device
» Set up of inside device device & MW bird bird feeder
» Commissioning of MW web link and Positioning of antennas to obtain interviewed get level
» Incorporation of MW link.