Radio Network Planning Solutions Includes radio circle and transmission planning including dimensioning, coverage conjecture, nominal and comprehensive planning with unique radio network setting up tool, site collection and survey, antenna layout, parameter setting, consistency planning, initial tuning as well as documentation.

Radio stations System Planning

Deliverables of Radio stations System Preparing services include:

» System Dimensioning
» Reproduction Modeling
» Average Mobile and Transmitting Planning
» RF and Transmitting Survey
» Initial Adjusting.

Radio stations System Re-Design

Technique of SHALJON Re-design of Radio stations network services includes:

» New Regularity / Rule Planning
» Disturbance Reduction Analysis
» Disturbance Reduction Analysis » Cellular Capacity-Traffic Fill balancing
» Cellular -Site Re Settings change


Our in-building remedies will enable cellular providers and corporations to enhance voice and data protection in high-traffic areas such as corporate structures, shopping centers, multi-tenant structures, production features and air-ports. Our In-Building support includes RF (radio frequency) protection evaluation, style and marketing, program management, pre & publish implementation solutions which include servicing, on-site tech support team and system tracking. Our solutions organization helps cellular suppliers style & increases in-building systems with maximum protection and potential. SHALJON has a team of experts that can help companies and businesses select an In-building solution with the right potential and RF marketing requirements to help ensure In-Building and macro system interoperability.

» Arranging of BoQ In-building RF study
» Arranging for RF submission system
» Wire path study & Stroll analyze
» Link Budget
» Post Installation walk analyze
» Suggestions on BSS parameters .

Radio stations program Technique Campaign Services

Radio stations program Technique Campaign Services SHALJON RF Campaign Solutions known to provide for its high quality, whether a small venture or an End-to-End resolution, our System Promotion Service guarantees a thorough marketing of the program and an enhancement of program performance within the customer described restrictions. We determine areas for improvement and specify the required feedback details – dimensions, program settings details and other details about the technology used in the program, and then we evaluate the details and determine the changes needed to improve the program performance.

SHALJONmarketing solutions has a divided of the air program marketing procedure in five sub process

» Radio Network Audit
» Radio stations program System Audit
» Radio stations program System Verification
» Radio stations program system Benchmarking
» Radio stations program System Field Promotion (Drive Testing)

Radio Stations System Audit

SHALJON offers network review services to its customers, which are telecommunications companies or telecommunications vendors to have a complete knowledge about the applied systems in the area. This could be site review, where assessments could be made on the aerial size, aerial type, azimuths, point, transfer regularity etc. which generally fall under the components network review. Under the software / Stereo high quality network Audit, we take projects like drive test to recognize dark areas in protection, high quality. Frequency plan research where we examine the service provider to interference rate and the crucial areas/regions with high disturbance leading to bad speech high quality, Cell/BSC/RNC parameter research where we examine in-correct factors principles if has an effect on any destruction of KPIs

Radio Stations System Verification

The deliverables of Radio Network Affirmation services include:

»» Radio stations network factors consistency examine report
» Confirmation review for each 2G/3G radio site
» Service verification report
» Every week problem overseeing report

Radio Network System Benchmarking

The strategy of radio network benchmarking companies includes:

» Significance benchmarking periodicity
»Significance of referrals places for benchmarking by region
»Significance of referrals generate analyze condition
» Drive test data collection for all technologies (2G/3G/HSPA+)
» Drive analyze computer and relative research of all providers and with information and facts for the past benchmark

Radio Station System Field Optimisation

The deliverables of Radio Network Affirmation services include:

» Cluster/Route drive test review and professional recommendatio
» Radio stations network adjustment review for each level of adjustment setup
» Every week client criticize research report

Radio Network Station System KPI Optimization

SHALJON delivers superior level research of radio network factors and components to provide better KPI. KPI enhancement is offered to Clients in a brief period with SHALJON KPI Marketing strategy for each BSC / Group
The strategy of radio network KPI optimization services includes:

» BSC/Cluster centered research of accessible raw network reverse data
» Cell/BSC centered factors or Mobile settings research and changes
» Radio stations System potential usage research and re-dimensioning
» Weekly/monthly network KPI pattern review (Drop Amount, CSSR, HO SR, IRAT-SR, EDGE/HSDPA throughput)
» Continuing tracking of network performance
» Consistently Stereo System Area Optimization